Lilies War History

The History of Lilies War
Lilies # Year (A.S. XLV) Theme Location King and Queen
(Many thanks to Master Crag Duggan.)
I 1987 (XXII) Royals vs. Loyals Perry Lake William and Mammara
II 1988 (XXIII) Royal Peers vs. Barons Camp Hammond Thorvald and Branwyn
III 1989 (XXIV) French vs. English Tall Oaks Campground Shadan and Alix
IV 1990 (XXV) Laurels vs. Pelicans Odessa Tomeeki and Fionna
V 1991 (XXVI) Shire vs. Baronies Odessa Roderick and Brayden
VI 1992 (XXVII) Winter Queens vs. Summer Queens Smithville Lake Rorick and Morgana
VII 1993 (XXVIII) East vs. West Smithville Lake Christopher and Brayden
VIII 1994 (XXIX) Saxons vs. Normans Smithville Lake Conn and Sile
IX 1995 (XXX) Shire vs. Baronies (II) Smithville Lake Valens and Elspeth
X 1996 (XXXI) Crusaders vs. Infidels Smithville Lake Christopher and Salamandra
XI 1997 (XXXII) Thirty Years War Smithville Lake Cuthburt and Branwen
XII 1998 (XXXIII) Vikings vs. The World Smithville Lake Valens and Sussanah
XIII 1999 (XXXIV) Counties vs. Duchies Smithville Lake Eringlin and Alethea
XIV 2000 (XXXV) Inner Baronies vs. Outer Baronies Smithville Lake Thjo and Yrsa
XV 2001 (XXXVI) Lions vs. Wolves Smithville Lake Valens and Comyn
XVI 2002 (XXXVII) Fyrd vs. Huscarls Smithville Lake Martino and Ariel
XVII 2003 (XXXVIII) A Walk Through Time Smithville Lake Valens and Sussanah
XVIII 2004 (IXL) The Songs We Sing Smithville Lake Seridean and Sile
XIX 2005 (XL) Warlords of Calontir Smithville Lake Tristram and Katrine
XX 2006 (XLI) Laurels vs. Pelicans (II) Smithville Lake Semjaka and Xorazne
XXI 2007 (XLII) Queens vs. Kings Smithville Lake Lorell and Cadfael
XXII 2008 (XLIII) Grand Tournament of Artisans
Smithville Lake Anton and Isabeau
XXIII 2009 (XLIV) North vs. South
Smithville Lake Marino and Ariel
XXIV 2010 (XLV) A Week of Henrys
Smithville Lake Ostwald and Kaye
XXV 2011 (XLVI) A Celebration of Lilies
Smithville Lake Anton and Isabeau
XXVI 2012 (XLVII) Family Feud
Smithville Lake Lucian and Conna
XXVI 2013 (XLVII) Guelphs and Ghibellines Smithville Lake Donngal and Catalina
XXVIII 2014 (XLVII) Battle for the Raven Banner Smithville Lake Martino and Ariel
XXIX 2015 (XLVIII) The Hundred Years Week Smithville Lake Anton and Isabeau
XXX 2016 (L) Song of the Shield Wall Smithville Lake Matsu and Elena

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