Cross of Calatrava

Chronicler January 2017

Warm greetings unto the chroniclers and populace, from Conna, the new Kingdom Chronicler.

I’m delighted for this opportunity to serve my beloved Calontir, and I look forward to speaking with the chroniclers of the kingdom in person. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. My contact information can be found in the witan listing later in this publication.

My sincere thanks to Lord Corrigan, for his amazing work as interim Chronicler. He produced some of the finest kingdom newsletters in the Known World. He truly has an artist’s heart. He also deserves praise for his generous spirit in turning the office over. Additionally, he deserves a medal for responding so kindly and patiently to my incessant questions.

I would implore the populace for artwork that can be used in future Mews editions. I’m looking for material for both cover and internal use. Please submit your original art (drawings or photos) along with the appropriate release forms to me. You can find the release forms on the Chronicler website: I particularly encourage the Kingdom’s talented scribes to share their work with the Mews.

Living to serve,

Conna ingen Uí Chearbhaill