Cross of Calatrava

Earl Marshal April 2017


While we have now put one war behind us the drums of war can still be heard off in the distance.

  • Check your gear.
  • Check your weapons.
  • Fix all those things that got ‘temporary’ repairs before or during Gulf Wars.

While the Society Earl Marshal has put the “off head helm padding checks” on hold for now, other kingdoms are moving forward in preparation for those tests eventually becoming “a thing.” Please check you helms now and make sure that the mandatory ½ of padding is in place. If it is in place, please check it and make sure that it doesn’t need replaced due to age or deterioration. In my opinion it is better for us to be ahead of this than to wait until it becomes official and have to scramble to be in compliance.

Switching gears, the new Shafted Combat Archery experiment seems to be going well. There were a couple of authorizations at Winter War Maneuvers. This process might still need some tweaking but we are going to hold off on that until we run a few more folks through it. It’s a new process and we want to make sure that it is both a safety check and an efficient process. All questions and concerns about the experiment and/or the authorization process should be sent to the Kingdom Deputy for Combat Archery (Lord John Bowyer).

Lastly I want to mention that going forward Combat Authorization forms are going to only be good for 90 days from the day of the actual authorization. If the form has not been received by the Cards Marshal within 90 days, the form and authorization becomes void and the authorization must be fought again. After discussion amongst the marshallate, 90 days has been deemed more than enough time to get the form to the proper offices.

See you on the field!

Halvgrimr riddari