Cross of Calatrava

Earl Marshal March 2017

Unto the People of the Falcon,

As the Horse Lord ascended the throne there have been some significant change within the Kingdom Marshallate.

  • I am of course replacing Syr Duncan of Skeen as KEM
  • Ritter (Sir) Aiden O’Seaghdha will take on the Deputy Earl Marshal position.
  • His Lordship Jahar will take over as Deputy for Cards as Sir Gustav Jameson steps down (but hangs around to assist as needed with FALCON)
  • His Lordship Bjarm will take over Deputy/Northwest Region as Lord Viljalhmer Half-troll steps down
  • Lord Zachariah MacDonald will take over as Deputy/Northeast Region as Sir Akitsuki Yoshimitsu steps down
  • Lord Magnus O’Carr will take over Deputy/West Region as Sir Uldin Ravenscroft steps down
  • Sir Duncan Fearmac MacLeod has taken on the Deputy/East Region allowing Aiden to slide into the Deputy Earl Marshal position
  • Sir Gavin and Sir Cai will continue to serve as deputies to the South and Central regions respectively
  • Baroness Eowyth þa Siðend has taken over as the EQ Marshal, letting Sir Saito Jiro no Bitchu step down
  • Syr Duncan of Skeen is set to eventually take on the role as the Calon Steel Deputy, replacing Baron Donald MacDonald, but that hasn’t happened quite yet
  • His Lordship John Bowyer will be replacing Her Ladyship Neathery of Safita as Deputy for Combat Archery.

Thanks to all of those folks stepping down for their service to the Kingdom, thanks to all those that continue to serve the Kingdom, and thanks to all those who stepped up to allow others a well-deserved rest.

One last item to mention, as of Coronation, Calontir has entered a Combat Archery experiment. For the period of one year we will adopt the Society’s Shafted Combat Archery standards. This does not affect our current tube rules. A couple things to note that are changing with this announcement. There will be an authorization process for SHAFTED archery (tubed archery still comes with a Weapon and Shield authorization). Only those with a current Weapon and Shield authorization will be allowed to attempt a Shafted CA authorization. In regards to ammunition, while all society legal ammo will be allowed, we will be encouraging the use of Felwalker bolts for crossbows and anything but Baldur Blunts for longbows.

For further questions/comments/concerns, please contact your local marshal, regional deputy marshal, or the Kingdom Combat Archery Deputy. .

Both Their Royal Majesties and I hope to see folks take advantage of this new change at Gulf Wars…home of the shafted arrow.

In Service,

Halvgrimr riddari