Cross of Calatrava

Earl Marshal May 2017

Greetings to the Spear-kin of the Heartland.

As we return from war and heal our bodies and minds remember your war ravaged weapons and gear. Attend to them before the tournament season begins please. This includes checking the padding in your helmets.

Some random thoughts as I clear my head from Gulf Wars:

  • I want to remind combatants, no matter the field they are on, that remaining calm in tense situation often yields better results that letting the Big Green Rage Monster take over.
  • In recent months I have had several folks approach me with ideas about how to improve upon pole weapon head design. The Marshallate will talk about these ideas but for now all pole weapons MUST have a half inch of progressive give.
  • At Gulf TRMs, myself, and Marie of Cologne sat down and chose the new Archer General. Her Ladyship Alessandra de Piro will take the reins from Marie at Lilies. Until then Marie and Alessandra will be working together ensuring a seamless turnover. Each and every candidate was an excellent choice and I think TRMs would agree that it was a difficult choice to make. Thanks to everyone that applied and thanks to Marie for all her hard work serving as Archer General.
  • I want to thank my Combat Archery Deputy (Lord John Bowyer) for arranging Shafted Combat Archery authorization at the Gulf Wars site so that folks had the chance to join in that activity. On-site authorizations at war are normally frowned upon, but John worked with the necessary folks to ensure that the maximum number of folks got a chance to try the new activity.
  • The above leads me to a pet peeve of mine. If you ‘hear’ something that pertains to marshallate matters…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go to a marshal and ask them. There was a very odd rumor floating around at Gulf Wars that took me about 2 minutes to disprove when it came to my attention. Because of the rumor some folks lost valuable field time which they were entitled to.

See you all on the field soon,
Halvgrimr riddari