Cross of Calatrava

Minister of Arts and Sciences February 2017

Greetings, Calontir!

The annual Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition approaches, the date is established as April 15, 2017, hosted by the Barony of Lonely Tower (And great thanks to them for playing host). As most of you are aware, this is both the annual A&S Championship and the Tri-levels.

The Championship entrants each must put in three separate entries in different categories, with appropriate documentation on each, all three at the advanced level. The three entries may be all Arts, all Sciences, or any combination, so long as each is in a separate judging category. Championship entrants are competing against each other for the title of Calontir Arts and Sciences Champion for the following year, and are in direct competition with the other Championship entries. You do not have to be a Laurel, or anything else, to enter the Championship.

The Tri-levels are so named because each entry is in a single category, which may be entered at the Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced level at the entrant’s discretion. The judges may suggest judging at a higher level to help you better fulfill your craft and advance in it. The Tri-levels are not a competition, but a chance exhibit your work and avail yourself of the chance to learn from judges’ expertise as they evaluate and discuss your work and documentation with you. It is also an excellent chance to pick the brains of those more advanced in the discipline to step up your own craft, and to meet populace members at all levels you might not otherwise know with like interests. There are no minimum or maximum award levels to enter the Tri-levels.

In order to keep the time frame for entries as simple to remember as possible, it will start on Wednesday, March 1, 2017, and run until midnight, Friday March 31, 2017. Any research paper submissions MUST be submitted by midnight, Friday March 31 in order to get them to judges in time to have them read and evaluated prior to the event itself, preferably in PDF format to ease forwarding and printing. Gulf Wars occurs in the midst of the entry period (March 11th to 19th) and I expect my ability to respond to inquiries during that period will be seriously curtailed, so please be patient during that week.

The on-line entry forms will be available on the Kingdom website, as will the judge volunteer forms, and I will post links on the Kingdom Facebook group as the window approaches. The dates for the entry time frame will be posted on the Kingdom websites announcements after January 1st. Note that the Championship entry form is different from the Tri-level entry form. We will, of course, need plenty of judge to volunteer to make the whole thing work, and again, no particular award level is required, just relevant expertise.

I look forward to seeing all your great work there!

Yours in service,

Paul Adler

Calontir Minister of Arts and Sciences