Cross of Calatrava

Minister of Arts & Sciences January 2017

Greetings, Calontir!

Well, I’m writing right before Thanksgiving, and November has been an extraordinary month for Arts and Sciences in Calontir, with RUSH one weekend followed by the Known World Fiber Arts Symposium the next. Greatest thanks to the hosting groups and others who supplied tents and other site gear, the RUSH staff, the Fiber and Needle Guild, and all the instructors who shared their amazing expertise and enthusiasm with the attendees…and of course to Their Royal Majesties for their sincere and caring support for both!

As the weather closes in on us for the year, remember that we have Kingdom Arts and Sciences coming up in April. I have not yet set the entry time frame, I will publish that around the end of December, but it would be safe to assume it will roughly coincide with the month of March. Of course in March, a lot of us will also be taking off for Gulf Wars, so take advantage of those Winter days to plan and work on any Championship or Tri-Level projects that may be on your mind. We’re about to the end of the season for outside activities, so now is the time to finalize your plans and get started on executing your projects. The Barony of Lonely Tower is the host for Kingdom Arts and Sciences, and I thank them in advance for accepting the challenge of next year’s date, which falls on an important holiday for many religious denominations.

Thank you, Calontir, for all your creative energy and sharing, these are the key to inspire and motivate others to achieve, learn, and unleash their own inner maker and show their own work!

Yours in service,

THL Paul Adler