Cross of Calatrava

Minister of Arts & Sciences April 2017

Greetings Calontir!
I hope you are all looking forward to Kingdom Arts and Sciences in Lonely Tower as much as I am. As I write this, it is late February and my immediate concerns are getting a bunch of criteria paperwork ready for Kingdom A&S, as well as preparing for Gulf Wars and finishing a major largess project for Chieftains. It’s a busy time of year as we shake off the mundane problems of Winter and charge full speed into a Spring and Summer full of activities.

I want to take this opportunity to extend a very special thanks to Master Gerald Goodwine for the efforts to get The Great Machine to Gulf Wars, and for those who volunteered to teach classes at it. This should be a true exhibition of the arts and sciences in full flower in our Kingdom, and I hope an example to all of what can be achieved with research and effort.

As noted on the Kingdom website, the final submission date zone for Kingdom A&S is set for March 1st through 31st, inclusive. To answer a couple of questions that have arisen, you may enter up to three separate entries in the tri-levels if you wish, though of course doing one is far and away the norm; if you do have two or three entries,
there is no requirement that they all be in different categories, or any particular mixture of arts vs. sciences. On  another point that came up, you may indeed volunteer as both a judge and enter the Trilevels or the  Championship. (The latter would be a little challenging on scheduling, but it is definitely not against any rules.) Finally, anyone from Laurel to Novice can enter either the Tri-levels or the Championship . . . the Tri-levels  specially are really not a head-to-head competition, but more of an exhibition to show off your work and perhaps
learn some tips and tricks from experienced judges in the discussion. If you are—or know of—a young member who is working on A&S, I want to strongly encourage youth entries in the Tri-levels and look forward to seeing their work!

Thank you all for your great work and participation, Calontir!
Yours in service,
Paul Adler
Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences