Cross of Calatrava

Minister of Arts & Sciences May 2017

Hello, Calontir,

Like many of you, I’m still recovering from Gulf, but time marches on! Immediately on the horizon for me are three big weekends in a row, culminating in the Kingdom A&S competition in mid-April.

Let me just say about Kingdom A&S that the Championship is a true competition, but the TriLevels are much more in the nature of an exhibition and mentoring chance than they are a competition. There is not a formal award for the Tri-Levels, though there is a Judges’ Basket to award, so it is an excellent chance just to show off your work and get some advice in the category from the populace and from three qualified artisan judges and so improve your skills or direction of effort.

You may not see this letter before the competition, but please bear it in mind when 2 talking up the A&S competition to newer entrants in the future.

Now speaking of the future, there are a couple of important things I’d like to also address: First, we already have a site for Queen’s Prize, and have received one early bid for Kingdom A&S 2018. After this year’s Kingdom A&S, the normal flow of things would be for timely bids to open up for A&S 2018, with a drop-dead date of Queen’s Prize to pick the lucky winner. But with one already in hand, I would like if at all possible to nail down that first 2018 competition well in advance of Queen’s Prize, so I would ask that if you intend to submit a bid, please try to at least communicate your intent (if not a completed bid) within three months or so from the conclusion of this year’s Kingdom A&S.

Now the second thing: As they say, time flies when you’re having fun, and this year’s Kingdom A&S marks the halfway point in my tenure as your Arts and Sciences Minister. This means that in order to have some learning curve time and a smooth transition to my successor, the time has come to think about a successor, who will be chosen by Their Majesties reigning at the time of Queen’s Prize this Fall. Think about this opportunity to serve your Crown and Kingdom, and start preparing a letter of intent and resume now if you are interested. I also note that my principal deputy, Countess Branwen, the Master Scheduler, whose skills are essential to making these competitions work, also has her tenure expire at the same time. This officer is picked by the A&S Minister, per requirements in Kingdom Law, and since our terms are presently concurrent I will need to pick this deputy but intend to do so only in consultation with my successor once that successor has been identified, which will most likely be at the Queen’s Prize Tourney court. Therefore, although anyone desirous of holding the Master Scheduler duties should also start thinking about a letter of intent and resume, that will come only after the new A&S Minister candidate has been chosen.

Yours in service
Paul Adler
Calontir Minister of Arts and Sciences