Cross of Calatrava

Exchequer January 2017

Greetings from Mistress Meadhbh, Kingdom Exhequer. Glad tidings and reminders to all those group exchequers that their Q4 2016/2016 Domesdays are due Jan 30. No Exceptions. Please stay in touch with me or your regional if you are having trouble with your reports. Group seneschals, please support your group exchequers in completing their reports and […]

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Their Royal Majesties January 2017

   Unto the Folk of Calontir, do Logan, King of Calontir by right of arms, and Ylva, His Queen, send Greetings! When saying good bye is this hard, it must be The End of something wonderful. Something unforgettable. No words can truly express how these past few fleeting months have shaped Us and changed Us. […]

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