Cross of Calatrava

Seneschal April 2017

To the most noble and gentle members of our Great Kingdom of Calontir, Master Brendan Mac an tSaoir, Seneschal of Calontir, sends greetings and wishes for every good fortune. We have received bids for CalonCon, and I thank all that sent in bids. We will be preparing classes for your guidance and education. If you are an officer, or wish to be one soon, please consider attending. More information will be forthcoming shortly. Reports will be due again soon. We seem to be having problems with getting the reports in on time. I will be addressing that in the coming months. Please ensure that your reports on done on time. If you need more time for some reason, contact the Kingdom Officer over your office.

In service to Crown and Kingdom,

Brendan Mac an tSaoir, Seneschal