Cross of Calatrava

Seneschal February 2017

Greetings to all in our Great Kingdom of Calontir and to those of our friends that read this dispatch.

In my previous missive, I mentioned among other items the importance of communication and that there is possibly more work we can do in the area. I hope to explore avenues that the Seneschal’s office can increase our communication with the Kingdom at large to prevent miscommunication and, worse, rumor and innuendo. As always, if you hear something that you feel needs to be clarified, contact myself or one of the Regional Seneschal deputies, or an Officer or Deputy of the area in question, before taking to the public message boards.

I would also emphasis the importance of our reporting system in communicating between a group and the Kingdom. This is truly a very important tool Calontir and other kingdoms use to remain aware of the health of our kingdom. I have mentioned to people that my motto will be, “I’m from the Kingdom and I’m here to help.” But I, other Officers, and our talented and helpful Deputies cannot be of any help if we don’t know about the problems.

By the time this is published, many reports will be due and the Seneschal’s reports are just around the corner. I am hopeful that we can get to 100% of the reports in on time. With the tools we have in place, I do not think this is a hard goal to obtain. We have begun what I hope will be a civil and successful discussion of the Issues surrounding Lilies. I personally would like the populous of the kingdom to consider how to promote Lilies in their local groups. Converse with your friends as to why they do not attend. And then ask yourselves what you could do to overcome that. Our Lilies 2 committee is working hard to put together a great event and I’m not requesting that you ask them to do more. Whether a large Barony or small Shire or Canton, what can your group do to help this event that is so meaningful and valued to the history and culture of Calontir?

I want to remind the Kingdom that bids for CalonCon are open. I am setting the cutoff date to receive them to February 28th, 2017, but we will be more than happy with sooner.

In service to Crown and Kingdom,

Brendan Mac an tSaoir, Seneschal