Cross of Calatrava

Seneschal February 2018

To the noble and gentle members of our Great Kingdom of Calontir and our noble friends, Master Brendan Mac an tSaoir, Seneschal of Calontir sends you warm greetings and wishes of great prosperity.
I have two requests to bring to you.
First, if your group is interested in hosting CalonCon this year, please begin putting your bid together. CalonCon will take place on July 21. I would like to have bids by mid April, so we can begin planning.
If you have ideas for CalonCon, please speak to me. You can contact me by email or come talk with me at an event.
Second, if you have ever considered serving your kingdom as its Seneschal, I would like a letter from you. We have established that a two-year period is a good time to be Seneschal, and those who hold the position should not be greedy and allow others the opportunity.
Please send their Majesties and myself a letter by the end of April so we can hold interviews at or around Lilies this year. My plan, if a candidate suitable to Their Majesties is found, is to step down at Kris Kinder this year.
If you have any questions about either CalonCon or the Seneschal job, please feel free to contact me. You may also talk with one of my regional deputies.
May your year be brilliant.
Brendan Mac an tSaoir
Seneschal of Calontir