Cross of Calatrava

Seneschal January 2017

Greeting to the Populace of the Great Kingdom of Calontir. I hope that your winter and holiday seasons bring you joy.

Normally I prefer my missives to be concise and deal with only a few points, but I have much I would like to cover.


Reports to your kingdom officer will be due soon. This seems to be one of the least favorite responsibilities that goes with any office. We are noticing a trend of reports that are late or have to be tracked down. Please make it a priority this year to get your reports in on time. Seneschals, let us know what is going on in your group. We would like to know that you’re out there and have not faded into the mist. Let us know the good things, as well as any issues you have in your group.

Also, especially to Seneschals, if you do not receive confirmation from the Deputy you report to within a reasonable amount of time, that deputy, and therefore the Kingdom, did not receive your report. The online system for Seneschal reports will send you a copy of your report as soon as you post it. If you do not receive that copy within a short period of time, usually a few minutes, the report has not been sent. Contact me and the Deputy you report to if this happens to you. Other reporting systems have the same or similar processes, especially the Marshal system.

Also, be aware that the group Newsletter is the Chronicler’s report. Baronies are required to have the office, and therefore to produce a Newsletter at least once a quarter. Reports are very important to keeping our Kingdom running smoothly. If you miss two reports in a row, you run the risk of losing your warrant. If you are an officer of your group, you run the risk of your group being suspended.


We are living in an interesting time where communication is highly prevalent and nearly immediate. I would like to start a conversation among our different groups about how they successfully communicate with their members and with those outside their groups. Are you using email, social media, a group website, or combinations of these? Also I would like to hear about any failures you have in getting information out, not to highlight any group, but to learn from them myself and hopefully begin to assist groups in successful communication with your Kingdom officers, among your group members, and with the populace at large.

Toward this end, I would ask our Seneschals to be aware of communication in their group and with the kingdom officers. Make sure we have access to an email address and telephone number that is correct, and that you check on a regular basis. A 48-hour response time is not unreasonable.

Regional Deputies

The Regional Deputies are an important part of the communication with the Kingdom Seneschal’s office. They are there to help out local groups with issues that do not need to be raised to the level of a Kingdom issue. If they contact you, they are there to help. The Deputy for the North Region is Mistress Esther bat Moshe. The Eastern Regional Deputy is Mistress Elasait ingen Diarmata. The Region of the West’s Deputy is Lady Tola Rufusdóhtor. If you are not sure what region your group is in, that information is on the Seneschal’s website. Offer them the respect that the Office of the Seneschal deserves.


I am calling for bids for this years’ CalonCon. The date on the calendar is July 15, 2017. I would like the bids no later than the end of February so the Kingdom can make its decision and begin preparations for it.

In service to Crown and Kingdom,

I am Brendan.