Cross of Calatrava

Their Royal Highnesses January 2017


From Ashir and Ashland, Qan and Qatan of the Great Calon Ordu, come these words.

As We celebrate the holidays We give thanks for Our Calontir family. We want each and every one of you to know how important you are and that without you Calontir would be less great. Take care of yourself for Us. While you take time to treasure your family and friends for the holidays, also prepare your horses and your traveling gear for the season ahead.

Here at home We turn Our minds to the changing of the seasons and the ascension of new Royalty. As this missive reaches you, plans will be well underway for Our Coronation on January 14th in the Barony of Forgotten Sea. We would like to invite you all to come and bear witness as We take on the mantle of the Calon Ordu. We look forward with great anticipation to Our time on the Falcon Thrones.

Soon after Our Coronation, Our Barony of Mag Mor will prepare War Maneuvers, where Our General Sir Brockman and his staff will provide training for Our great army to face great conflicts in the South. The Calon Ordu is well known for our war band, both on the field and later in celebration. Whether fighting, serving, or shopping, your presence will add much to the army, and We have revelry planned to rival the great Naddam—and for for Our warriors to test their strength We would provide Mongol wrestling for the enjoyment of the populace.

In the words of the Great Qan, “Perhaps my children will live in stone houses and walled towns—not I.” Join Us in the great tent city of Gulf Wars!

According to Our word on the 23rd day of the Fire Boar month in the year of the Red Monkey.

Ashir and Ashland, Qan and Qatan