Cross of Calatrava

Their Royal Majesties February 2017


From Ashir and Ashland, Qan and Qatan of the Great Calon Ordu, come these words.

Coronation has passed and Our journey with you all has begun. Many wonderful people have helped make that possible. We thank each and every one of you from the bottoms of Our hearts.

Those members of the Royal Household who it might be helpful for you to know: Mistress Ishmala bint Yuhannah is serving as Our Chamberlain, HE Issabell St. Charles has taken on the role of Head of Household, and Our Regalia Coordinator is HL Nikitta Pushchavich. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you have need of Us.

Remember that We cannot be everywhere or see everything, so We count on you to recommend deserving people to Us for awards. The value of each of you taking time to look for deserving people near and far cannot be overstated. Please take a moment and send in an award recommendation.

War Maneuvers is fast upon Us. With Our two Generals, Brockman Riddari and Lord Gawin Kappler, leading the Heavy and Cut & Thrust fighters, We have no doubt Calontir will emerge victorious on the fields of Gulf. The Calon Ordu is mighty, but it cannot stand the test of time without its people.

We would also provide entertainment for the great people of Calontir and Known World in the warm breeze of Gulf Wars. We would have our champion test himself against the champions of the known world in the traditional sport of Mongolian wrestling.

In the words of the Great Qan, “My soldiers are as numerous as forests. . . . I want to feed them with juicy meat, let them live in beautiful yurts, and let them pasture their livestock on rich soil.”

According to Our word on the 26th day of the Fire Rat month in the year of the Red Monkey.

Ashir and Ashland, Qan and Qatan