Cross of Calatrava

Webminister March 2017

Saƚùdo a Calontir,

I hope everyone has had a chance to play around with the new mobile-friendly Kingdom Calendar page. The next big hurdle is getting the Lilies Website updated to the new design and we have been making great headway toward that goal!

The Lilies Website re-design will be the testing ground for the full redesign of the Kingdom Website. We are building the Lilies site using the Bootstrap Framework I mentioned last month and the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Utilizing Bootstrap will ensure that the site is mobile-friendly for every page and using WordPress will ensure that I am not sitting with a full inbox of updates to make! CMSs, like WordPress, allow Webministers to create pages and let other officers and staff add the content to those pages and update them when there is a need. This turns the majority of the Webminister’s job into Supervisor with some minor development responsibilities.

For all of our group Webministers out there, look into setting up your website with a Content Management System so that you can help yourself out by delegating information updates to your group’s officers! No one can complain that the website isn’t updated if they are given access and information on how to make the updates. If you need any help with getting your site up and running on a CMS, or any help in general, please let me know!

S-ciào vostro,

Siór Giovanni Loredan

Kingdom Webminister