Kingdom of Calontir

2019 Regalia Replacement Bids

Deadline for Submitting Bids: May 11th, 2019, at Midnight.

Lost Regalia

Bid Information

King's Sword

There needs to be a team bid for this item - at least 5 artisans from Calontir. There can be one team leader, then the rest as support. See bid form for more information.


1 Full Set of MATCHING Coronets for Their Majesties and Their Highnesses. Coronets do not have to be copies of previous versions - they can be an all-new style.

Thrones AND Foot Stool

Foot stool must match thrones, please.


Must follow the basic theme of the Royal Presence.

Tapestry Pillows & Seat Cushions

Must match, please, and follow the basic theme of the Royal Presence.

King and Queen Crown Boxes

Large, must match, please.

Queen's Necklace and Ring

Must match - all ideas are welcome.

Large Herald's Book

All ideas are welcome.

Small Herald's Tabard

Please follow previous tabard designs.