12/14/19 – Kris Kinder

Competition Title: Arts and Sciences Display

Competition Theme: None

Sponsor(s) SCA and Legal Names: Tamar bat Avraham (KC Kupperman) tamarbatavraham@gmail.com

Description of Competition (IE: criteria expected, documentation required, judging style, prizes, etc): THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION.

There will be no judging or winners or prizes or honorable mentions. This will be an opportunity for those who are maybe not so competition inclined to show off their work, get feedback if they want, and generally tailor their experience to what they want for the day.

If you would like feedback on your project, I will facilitate that and do my best to find a couple of people who research and do work in that area to sit down and chat about it for about half an hour. This is not a judging! There will be no points or forms to fill out! Just a way to connect with artisans you may not know yet and talk about a craft you are both interested in.

If you would like to set up your project and hang out with it and talk to anyone who comes by through the day, you can do that.

If you would like to set it up and wander off and pick it up at the end of the day, that’s fine too!

There are no documentation requirements, but I would recommend the usual 3×5 card minimum, especially if you’re not going to be by your project, just so that folks have some context when they are looking at your cool stuff!

If you’re not sure about documentation or how to display your craft or anything like that, please ask! We were all new once and we’ve all needed help!

If you are an artisan interested in making yourself available to give feedback, please let me know! I’m really hoping to match people up with someone knowledgeable in the field of their project. Because I have no idea what kinds of things people will be bringing or how many will want a feedback session, I don’t know how many I will need and it what areas, but I’d always rather have too many than not enough and have to hunt you all down and guilt you.

I am still waiting on some specifics (Exactly where we will be, space allotted, etc.) but will try to update both here and Facebook as things solidify.

Please email me at tamarbatavraham@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to volunteer to be available to give feedback.