A Message from the Pennsic War Land Agent

Greetings Calontir,

As everyone prepares for Lilies War, it is also important to look ahead to following Their Highnesses to the Sylvan Fields of the Pennsic War. Pre-registrations ensure we get the space we need for every member of the Calon Host.

The Mail-In deadline for pre-registration is 31 May 2019. If you are mailing in your Pre-Registration, it must be postmarked and in the mail by Friday.

On-Line Paid pre-registration closes on 11:59pm EDT, 19 June 2019. This is a great move for us, as this deadline isn’t going to be during Lilies War!

If you are intending to attend Pennsic with Calontir, please complete the pre-registration at your earliest convenience ( https://www.cooperslake.com/prereg/account/index.php )

Remember to list your camping group as “Populace of Calontir” — otherwise your paid pre-reg will not allocate your paid land allotment to the camp group.
Once you’ve pre-reg’ed, please contact me via email [wnlucasiii (at) gmail.com] with your expected arrival date, who is camping with you, and your tent dimensions.

Be seeing you, I hope,

Vels inn viggladi
Calontir Land Agent, Pennsic 48