Cross of Calatrava

A Request from Battleur Herald

Good morning Calontir!

While I do hope you are all enjoying today with family and friends, I have a small favor to ask. Crown Tournament will soon be upon us, and our field heralds will be busy making sure the combatants and consorts are called to the field in a prompt and ready manner.
In order to ease this process, I humbly request that all combatants and consorts for this upcoming Tournament, please send your name pronunciations to, or you can PM me if that is your preference. Also, your preference of Title – as there are a number in our List who have acquired a multiplicity of titles, and the heralds should know if one prefers to be addressed by one over another, depending on their precedence. We heralds simply wish to announce all combatants and consorts with the proper pomp and ceremony.
Thank you all for helping to make the imminent Crown Tournament easier and enjoyable. 
Ever in service,

White Hawk Herald and Battleur Herald