Add an Event Link or File to the Kingdom Calendar

Add a File or Link Guidelines

To add an event to the Kingdom Calendar and have it posted online the following guidelines must be met:

    1. Before sending an event flyer to the Kingdom Chronicler or contacting the Kingdom Webminister, you must confirm your event with the Kingdom Reeve. Read the Guidelines for Scheduling an Official SCA Event.

The Mews WILL NOT publish an event announcement if the event has not been approved, or confirmed.

      • Save the confirmation email from the Kingdom Reeve – you will need to send the confirmation to the Kingdom Chronicler AND the Kingdom Webminister.
    1. A complete event announcement must be published in The Mews prior to the event.
    2. Visit How To Submit a Flyer to the MEWS for more information. Please note: The Mews cannot print an event announcement for an event that has not been approved by the Reeve.
    3. Send your event announcement and/or event website link to the Kingdom Webminister via the form below.
    4. Once your date is confirmed and your flyer has been approved by your group seneschal, get it online!

Please note: The Kingdom Webminister cannot link to your event flyer or Web page if your event date has not been approved by the Kingdom Reeve. See Step 1.