Advocate Office Updates and Reporting

Greetings Calontir! There is a new page for the Office of Advocate for the Kingdom of Calontir. This new page outlines the processes that were put into place in Kingdom Law. This page also outlines misconduct and bullying definitions, reporting procedures, and conflict resolution techniques.

You can visit the new page here: or find it under the Kingdom Webpage site menu, as well.

There is also a new PDF available for event stewards to keep on them at the events they are hosting, in case an incident were to occur during that event: Official Advocate Event Report Form (

Their Majesties, the Kingdom Advocates, and the members of the Witan encourage the populace to read through the page and follow up with with any questions, concerns, or update suggestions. This is a living document page, meaning changes can always be made and updated.

Long live Calontir!