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Gulf Wars Steel Schedule

2/26/2019 Gulf Wars Steel Schedule Attention steel fighters going to Gulf Wars! Here is your rapier muster schedule for the week of war. Rapier and

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Gulf Wars Army (Rattan) Schedule

02/10/2019 Gulf Wars Army (Rattan) Schedule Sunday March 10th : All commanders meeting hosted by Trimaris Moose Lodge. Monday March 11th : Muster at 8:30 for Rapier

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Webminister Update

02/04/2019 Webminister Update Hello, Calontir! There are new/updated pages on the Kingdom Website – 1. There is now a new “How to Submit a Flyer

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Calontir Scutari Updated!

01/15/2019 Calontir Scutari Updated! Greetings Calontir, There has been a miscalculation in the hole and boss size for the new Scutari Design. I am very

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Letter from the General

01/14/2019 Letter from the General Unto my Shield-brothers, Spear-sisters, Comrades and Kin, do I Eques Uldin, by Grace of Their Royal Majesties General for Gulf

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Elevation Announcements

Honorable Lord Johann Steinarsson

Honorable Lord Johann Steinarsson Honorable Lord Johann Steinarsson was announced at Coronation to be elevated to the Order of the Pelican. Vigil and elevation have been rescheduled to

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