Cross of Calatrava

Baronial Candidates for Mag Mor

Unto the people of the Barony of Mag Mor comes these words from your King and Queen

Just two days ago, at Queen’s Mayhem, Baroness Gyða glóra and Baron Vilhjálmr Hálftroll requested the opportunity to take their ease, and retire from their duties.  With no small sadness in our hearts, We accepted this request. It is now Our duty to find suitable leaders to take on these duties.

From this day until June 10, We will be accepting letters of intent from individuals or couples who would like to take on this responsibility. In this letter we would like to know why you wish to be the baron and/or baroness, what other offices and duties you may have held within the SCA, what ideas you have for moving forward with the barony, and what your availability is (in other words, would you be able to attend populace meetings, hold officers meetings, and attend events sponsored by the barony?).

We very much look forward to discovering our new Baronage!*

Yours in peace and love,

King Hirsch and Queen  Magdalena

*same sex couples may certainly apply, inclusive of all genders

Peace. Love. Calontir.