Cross of Calatrava

Board’s COVIDSafe Announcement…

Good Evening Calontir,

When the COVIDSafe policy was initially announced nearly a year ago, we did not immediately adopt it. We examined the available data, determined the need based on that data, and created a criteria for adoption, review, and suspension that was data driven. This approach was designed to prevent major decisions of this kind from being made based on fear or misguided political rhetoric. This approach has served us well.

As many of you have likely noticed, there was an announcement today from the SCA Board of Directors, the text of which can be found here…

…They have made the decision to suspend the COVIDSafe policy across the SCA effective December 1, 2022, and to reserve unto themselves any future decisions regarding COVID related policy. After consulting with Their Majesties, and Their Highnesses, the decision has been made to continue the COVIDSafe policy, and current COVID Guidelines for Event Attendance, through Toys for Tots on November 19th, 2022. That event will be the last event for both in the Kingdom of Calontir. This will keep us in compliance with the directive received from the Board of Directors while extending the protections offered by the current policy for as long as is practical.

If you have any questions, please email me at If you have feedback for the Board of Directors regarding their decision, please email them at Decisions made for all are never easy. Please remember to keep all feedback respectful.

Together we will continue to do the best we can for the kingdom that we love. We are Calontir. We will endure.

In Service,