Kingdom of Calontir

Call for Letters of Intent for Kingdom Reeve


Greetings Calontir! H.L. Tola Rufusdohtor will be accepting letters of intent for the position of Kingdom Reeve. It has been my honor to serve this Kingdom these last two years, however my tenure comes to a close. If you are interested in this position please review the position description and requirements below.

– HL Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla

Kingdom Reeve Position Description

      • The Reeve is responsible for maintaining the official Kingdom calendar. The Kingdom Reeve is a deputy to the Kingdom Seneschal, and as such must follow their lead. This position is not a great officer of state.
      • The Reeve works closely with the Kingdom Chronicler and Kingdom Webminister with forwarding event confirmations, flyers,webpages, dates, and locations.
      • The Reeve is responsible for forwarding an up-to-date copy of Kingdom calendar at least every month to the Crown and key members in the Witan; along with any news or event changes.
      • The Reeve is primarily responsible for receiving event bids for all crown level events. Also responsible for forwarding all bids to the Kingdom Financial committee (the Kingdom Seneschal, the Kingdom Exchequer, and the Crown) for vote. The Reeve is also responsible for informing groups on the status of their event bids.
      • The Reeve is the group’s seneschal’s first point of contact with any event planning to confirm date availability for any Kingdom event and for official confirmation of a planned event.

Kingdom Reeve Requirements

      • Must have an internet connection and a working mobile phone.
      • Must have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
      • Must have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of Google docs, Google drive, and Gmail. Including email file attachment.
      • Must be able to respond to emails on a timely basis. (Within 48 hours)
      • Gmail account is highly, highly suggested but not required.The official Kingdom Reeve email is a gmail account.
      • Understanding of PDF reader and PDF conversion programs is a plus.
      • Previous experience as an event steward or filling out a bid form for an event is a plus.

Please send letters of intent to the Kingdom Seneschal, and the Reeve.

Deadline for letters of intent is May 31, 2019.