Calontir Crown Tournament & Coronation Bid System

Unless changed by the Crown, Crown Tournament and Coronation events are scheduled as prescribed by Calontir Kingdom Law, as follows:

  • Spring Crown Tournament:  Last Weekend in March
  • Summer Coronation:  Second weekend in July
  • Fall Crown:  Second weekend in October
  • Winter Coronation:  Second weekend in January

Bids for these events must be submitted to the Kingdom Reeve (, either electronically (preferred) or by a mailed or hand delivered hard copy.  Courtesy copies should also be sent to the Crown, the Kingdom Seneschal, and the Kingdom Exchequer.

The attached bid form should be used by all bidders, for ease in evaluating and comparing bids.  The bid form may also be found on the Kingdom website.

Bids will be evaluated by the Bid Committee, consisting of the Kingdom Reeve, the Kingdom Exchequer, and the Kingdom Seneschal.  The sitting Crown at the time of receipt of the bid may choose to take part.

Under normal circumstances bids will be evaluated within 2 weeks of receipt, and by that time the Reeve will advise the bidder of the bid’s acceptance, conditional acceptance, or rejection; or additional information may be requested. Reasons for any delay, as well as the reasons for rejection or conditional acceptance, will be provided to the bidder.

Bids received more than 2 years in advance of the event, and which do not require immediate decision in order to avoid forfeiture of deposits, may be tabled to allow for other bids to be received.

Baronial bids are required should no other branch bid for these events, as stated in Calontir Kingdom Law, articles 401 and 501.  These Baronial bids are due no later than one year before the event in the bid, but they may be submitted sooner.

Conditional acceptance may include, but is not limited to, advisement of the Barony responsible for the “back up bid” that another bid has been received, and allowing them 2 weeks to submit a bid of their own, or concede the bid.

The Kingdom website will include a list of the Kingdom events “available” for bids during the upcoming 3 years, as well as notification that a bid or bids have been received by the Reeve for a given event or that a bid has been accepted.

To submit a bid to host an event, a group must be in good standing. This means that the group’s Seneschal and Exchequer are up to date on all reports and in good communication with Kingdom Officers. Once a bid has been submitted this Good Standing status will be verified with the Kingdom Officers.

Crown & Coronation Bid Calendar
EventEvent DateBaronial Bid Due fromBid DueBid StatusGroupEvent Location
Summer Coronation07/11/2015Lonely Tower07/12/2014Bid AcceptedLonely Tower 
Fall Crown Tournament10/10/2015Mag Mor10/11/2014Bid AcceptedMag Mor 
Winter Coronation01/09/2016Vatavia01/10/2015Bid AcceptedVatavia 
Spring Crown Tournament03/26/2016Three Rivers03/28/2015Bid AcceptedThree Rivers / Crystal Mynes 
Summer Coronation07/09/2016Coeur d’Ennui07/11/2015Bid AcceptedCoeur d’Ennui 
Fall Crown Tournament10/08/2016Lonely Tower10/10/2015Bid AcceptedLonely Tower 
Winter Coronation01/14/2017Forgotten Sea01/09/2016Bid AcceptedForgotten Sea 
Spring Crown Tournament03/25/2017Vatavia03/25/2016Bid AcceptedVatavia 
Summer Coronation07/08/2017Mag Mor07/09/2016Bid AcceptedMag Mor 
Fall Crown Tournament10/14/2017Coeur d’Ennui10/08/2016Bid AcceptedCoeur d’Ennui 
Winter Coronation01/13/2018Three Rivers01/14/2017Bid AcceptedWyvern Cliffe 
Spring Crown Tournament03/31/2018Forgotten Sea03/25/2017   
Summer Coronation07/14/2018Lonely Tower07/08/2017   
Fall Crown Tournament10/13/2018Mag Mor10/14/2017   
Winter Coronation01/12/2019Vatavia01/13/2018   
Spring Crown Tournament03/30/2019Three Rivers03/31/2018   
Summer Coronation07/13/2019Coeur d’Ennui07/14/2018   
Fall Crown Tournament10/12/2019Lonely Tower10/13/2018   
Winter Coronation01/11/2020Forgotten Sea01/12/2019   
Spring Crown Tournament04/11/2020Vatavia03/29/2019   
Summer Coronation07/11/2020Mag Mor07/12/2019   
Fall Crown Tournament10/10/2020Coeur d’ Ennui10/11/2019   
Winter Coronation01/09/2021Three Rivers01/10/2020   
Spring Crown Tournament04/10/2021Forgotten Sea04/11/2020   
Summer Coronation07/10/2021Lonely Tower07/11/2020   
Fall Crown Tournament10/09/2021Mag Mor10/10/2020   
Winter Coronation01/15/2022Vatavia01/16/2021   
Spring Crown Tournament04/09/2022Three Rivers04/10/2021   
Summer Coronation07/09/2022Coeur d’ Ennui07/10/2021   
Fall Crown Tournament10/08/2022Lonely Tower10/09/2021