Cross of Calatrava for Pride

Covid Guidelines


We know that the current rules for events and gatherings are changing frequently, so wanted to provide some clarity with where our current Kingdom rules differ from the BoD minimum requirements.This list will also be uploaded as a PDF to the files section if you would like to have a copy available at events or meetings for any reason.If you have questions feel free to ask—Our email is always open, but please apply these in the spirit of safety in which they are intended, refrain from Rules lawyering, and DON’T BE THE REASON WE HAVE TO MAKE ANOTHER RULE.

Current Rules for Calontir Event Attendance (as of 8/5/21)

•These rules apply to both events and local meetings, practices, and gatherings.

•These rules are in addition to, not in place of, the Society level rules from the BoD.

•These rules are the MINIMUM requirements, and local group leadership may enact more stringent requirements if the local health conditions warrant.

•All Local, State, and Federal Guidelines are to be followed, including masking and gathering size limits.

•All attendees to any event, meeting, or practice, must be signed in on a roster including current accurate contact information.

•If you are fully vaccinated and it has been long enough that the vaccine will have reached maximum efficacy, you may choose not to wear a mask while outdoors.

•Everyone must mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

•Masks must be worn covering the nose and mouth.

•You may bring your own food to an event and you may share it with others.

•Food may be served in an official capacity, such as an inn or vigil table, with the following requirements:o Anyone making or handling food must be masked and glovedo Anyone serving food or in the preparation or serving areas but not actually handling food must be masked.

•If you would usually be required to be masked, you must distance a minimum of 6 feet to unmask for eating or drinking.o Vaccinated members of the populace may be closer than 6 feet outdoors, but must still distance to eat or drink indoors.o Unvaccinated members of the populace must distance at least 6 feet to eat or drink both indoors and out.

•Feasts will not be allowed at this time.

•Water Bearing may be provided from the communal coolers, but only into personal containers, not our traditional shared jugs.

Requests from the Crown

•If you are medically able to get the Covid Vaccine, please do so.

•Please do not attend gatherings if you are not feeling well.

•Please respect the comfort levels of those who wish to follow more stringent masking and distancing practices than are strictly required

•The SCA is an organization of chivalry and community. Please remember these values and help us all set a good example for the rest of the Known World.