Spring Crown Tournament Letters of Intent

EDIT: Crown Tournament has been rescheduled to the first weekend of Lilies War!

Her Majesty and I are reminded that war is a dangerous thing, it occurs to us now the danger we undertake.  Making war without Heirs.  Upon our safe return it will be of paramount importance to seek those two who would see to our Kingdom’s future.  Please weigh this in your own hearts carefully.  The task is not light, but neither is it irksome or vexing. We call all members of our populace wishing to serve in this way to consider submitting a letter of intent to fight for this honor.  We hope to have a large list — it can only benefit the Kingdom to have it so.
By Calon Law, Article IV, Letters of intent proving you meet the laws requirements as a prospective combatant or consort, described there in, are due no later than May 30th, 2020.
By Crown Edict, those letters of intent will contain a list of events attended in the last 6 months by both combatants and consorts, as well as a brief statement of why you wish to compete for the throne.
Lastly, this tournament will be fought in the best two of three format every round.

Their Royal Majesties,

Lucian & Tamar

Webminister addendum: Please fill out the photographic release form if you have not already. If you have fought in the last few years, we should have your release on file, and another one should not be necessary. Please include a photo with your letter of intent. You may use either the following form: https://springcrown2020.paperform.co OR by sending an email to falcon-crown@calontir.org, seneschal@calontir.org, and webminister@calontir.org.