Kingdom of Calontir

Crown Tournament Live Blog Page Now Open

Greetings Calontir!

The Crown Tournament Live Blogging Page is now open!( )

If you are unable to attend Crown Tournament on the weekend of October 14th, the blog will be running play by plays and a live bracket!

Also, if you do not want to look at a website, you can like or follow the new 73rd Crown Tournament Facebook Page (, OR follow us on Twitter ( ) as both spots will have all of the play by plays in real time, as well.

Because comments can ruin the action for some people online watching the Live Blogs, there is a chatroom available on the Crown Tournament live blog website as well, but you do have to register to use it. Profanity is not allowed.

We hope this solves the issues for some of our populace who is unfortunately unable to attend. We only wish all of our family could attend as well!

In service to Crown and Kingdom,

HL Allison of Forgotten Sea

Kingdom Webminister