Kingdom of Calontir

Earl Marshal Heat Advisory Warning


I am sure some, if not most have heard of the recent death of a fighter in Atlantia. From what they have been able to assess is that the Heat played a significant role in his death.

The Society Earl Marshal has been in contact with the KEMs to remind us of the dangers of Heat and our strenuous activities outside. To date, 2 Kingdoms have instituted Mandatory suspension of Activities outside if the local Heat Index reaches 103 Farenhiet.

We are all aware of how hot it can get in the Midwest. And Honestly that can be dangerous for us. Familiarity Breeds Complacency. The fact that we know of it and are used to it happening means that we are more susceptible to ignoring the warning signs of Heat Exhaustion and Stroke.

At this time I am not instituting a mandatory Suspension of activity due to heat index.

Marshals, PLEASE be extra Vigilant in your duties during practices and events. As Marshals you are supposed to be watching the action, but with the heat reaching dangerous temps please Error on the side of Caution. If you feel that the Heat is just too much, please discuss the possibility of suspending the activity.

Watch your fighters/participants, look for the signs of exhaustion/stroke. ASK them how they are doing, do NOT assume they are good to go. Make an extra effort to secure water at practices. If you can, have your activities in the Shade.


We are NOT getting any younger and while we “feel young at heart” our bodies are in fact NOT.

Many of us are not in the best shape, and do not “take care of ourselves” as we should.

DO NOT assume you can push through. NO one will chastise you for sitting down or out in these dangerous temps.

What happened in Atlantia is a tragedy and we should all take note. Please watch yourself and others during these super hot days of summer.

And please do not harass the Marshals for their increased pressure in asking how you are. This is a Directive coming straight from me. Please forward any complaints directly to my email:

Please Stay Safe Out There.

Ritter Aiden O’Seaghdha

Kingdom Earl Marshal Calontir