Cross of Calatrava

Fall Crown List


Below is the list for Our upcoming Crown Tournament.  Thank you to all who submitted letters to continue to uphold Calontir traditions and work toward the betterment of our Kingdom.


Sir Mathieu Chartrain for Her Grace Aislinn Morcroft

Hertzog Hirsch Ross Eichmann for Hertzogan Magdalena vander Meere

His Grace Tristram of Lindesfarne for Mistress Rhianwen ferch Bran ap Gruffydd

His Grace Caius Equitius Rectus Xerxis for Honorable Lord Andromir Vukovic

His Excellency Duncan Bruce of Logan for Her Excellency Ylva Jonsdottir

Lord Jon Chesey for Their Excellency Yseult de Michel

Sir Sean of the Chipendales for Mistress Meadhbh inghean uí Shuibhne

Sir Duncan Mac Torquill for Honorable Lady Maria Arosa de Santa Olalla

Riddari Arnfast Rikkardsson for Honorable Lady Aesileif Jotunsdottir

Master Jack Banyard for Mistress Caera Wythers

Master Jurgen Weiter von Landstuhl for Mistress Helena Soranzo

Lord Christopher Atrox for Mistress Miranda Logansdottir

Honorable Lord Cearr mac Brendan for Lady Fionnghuala inghean ui Fhallamhain

Honorable Lord Visvamitra Yavana for Lady Korinna the Scythian

Honorable Lord Orren Tokesson for Lyra of Spinning Winds

Lord Melchor Eichmann for Lady Lisette of Three Rivers

Lord Rheinhart Eichmann for Lady Furia Cincinnata, Swan

Lord Emerick Blackpool for Lord Oswyn Moon

Lord Develin Ó Sirideáin for Lady Jöka in Raudi