Kingdom of Calontir

From Their Highnesses – RE: Kingdom Advocates

As many of you are aware, several new changes have been made to Calon Law, and we will be seeking to fill the positions of two new Advocates. We strongly encourage our entire populace to make themselves familiar with these changes as soon as the Webminister has the opportunity to update the webpage with the full law change.The condensed information regarding the Advocate office is as follows:

                • The Advocate office is now expanded to three officers, rather than one.
                • Advocates will serve three year terms, with one officer rotating out each year.
                • The Advocate office is now tasked with helping to investigate and arbitrate disputes between any members of the populace, not just in issues dealing with officers.

We are happy to hear from ALL members of the populace who would petition us for these positions. Because we wish them to be representative of the full variety of Calontir, all petitions will be seriously considered.

If you are interested in one of these positions, please email us at with a few sentences about why you think this office is important and how you can help serve the kingdom.

We hope to conduct interviews at Toys for Tots and Kris Kinder, but will also look at video conferencing and local meeting options for those who cannot make either event.

Please have your requests and letters sent in by a few days before Kris Kinder – December 11th, 2019.

Tamar and Lucian