Kingdom of Calontir

Gulf Wars Army (Rattan) Schedule


Gulf Wars Army (Rattan) Schedule

Sunday March 10th : All commanders meeting hosted by Trimaris Moose Lodge.

Monday March 11th : Muster at 8:30 for Rapier tourney, its ok to leave after field court and return at 12:30 for rattan town battle/inspections. Host leaves at 12:30. Hope to have inspections in camp, working on details.

Tuesday March 12th : Muster for Royal Procession 8:45, Host leaves at 9:00. Wear your Purple and Gold. Combat Archer Ravine battle at 4, for all archers wanting to participate. Fun battle at 2:30 at hastings field. No war point, no muster, enjoy.

Wednesday March 13th : Muster at 9:30 for rattan Ravine battle. Host leaves at 10:30.

Thursday March 14th : Muster at 10:00 for rattan field battle. Host leaves at 11:00.

Friday March 15th : Muster at 9:00 for rattan Bridge battle. Host leaves at 10:00. 2:00 Rattan Fort battle. Calontir Photo after battles. All Calontiri are asked to attend.

Saturday March 16th : His Majesty askes that all who are able to attend the Mother of all battles, to please do so. Muster at 9:00, Host leaves at 10:00.