Gulf Wars Steel Schedule


Gulf Wars Steel Schedule

Attention steel fighters going to Gulf Wars! Here is your rapier muster schedule for the week of war. Rapier and rattan war points don’t overlap directly in most cases, but some of the times are close so if you are a cross-over fighter, you may have to plan to go straight from one war point to the next.

Monday March 11 – Town Battle

8:00 AM Inspections/Muster for C&T tournament

8:30 AM March to field

9:00 AM Calontir C&T tournament

11:00 AM Rapier Town Battle (Hastings Field)

Cross over fighters – 1:30 PM Heavy Town Battle

Tuesday March 12 – Opening ceremonies and Rapier Mystery Battle

8:45 AM Muster for royal procession – Wear your purple and gold!

9:00 AM March to procession

1:30 PM Muster

2:00 PM March to field

2:30 PM Rapier Mystery Battle (Fort)

Cross over fighters – 4:00 PM Combat Archery Ravine Battle

Wednesday March 13 – Field Battle

Cross over fighters – 11:00 AM Heavy Chivalric Ravine Battle

(Those wishing to participate in Rapier Field Battle, join us when you can!)

12:30 PM Muster

1:00 March to field

2:00 PM Field Battle (Hastings Field)

Thursday March 14 – No war points

No group rapier war points

2:00 PM – Champions Battle (for those participating)

Friday March 15 – Ravine Battle

Cross over fighters – 2:00 Heavy Fort Battle

3:30 PM Muster and march to ravine

4:00 PM Rapier Ravine Battle (ravine)