Heraldry Position Announcements

Greetings good populace!

It has been nearly two years since I took over as Gold Falcon, and I have greatly enjoyed representing Calontir. However, it is time to seek my successor.

Gold Falcon is the manager of all the heralds. As such, Gold Falcon must be able to (1) meet paperwork deadlines with Society and Kingdom, (2) attend Crown tournaments and Coronation, (3) be available to address issues, and (4) appoint/replace/accept reports from deputies. Laurel Sovereign also expects Gold Falcon to travel to the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, if possible, since that is the Society-level meeting for Principal Heralds of the Known World.

There are two other openings in the Heraldry office: Blue Hawk Herald (Clerk of the Precedence) and Vert Hawk Herald (Online Armorial)

Job descriptions for these positions are available upon request. Interviews will be scheduled upon mutual agreements. Please email me at GoldFalcon@calontir.org and include Their Majesties falcon-crown@calontir.org and Their Highnesses falcon-heirs@calontir.org when sending in your application. This has been a wonderful opportunity. I look forward to seeing the next person taking on the tabard.

Ich hilfe,

Brigida Gold Falcon