Kingdom of Calontir

MEWS Event Announcement Publication Guide

(Updated February, 2019)

Events MUST be scheduled on the Calontir Kingdom Calendar to be official. In order for Court or any official business to occur, a complete flyer must be published in The Mews. Failure to do so means that the Crown cannot hold Court at that event.

Event notices must be published for the events at which any one of the following will take place

      • Crown and Coronet Tournaments
      • Coronations and Investitures
      • Appointment of Kingdom or Principality Officers
      • Presentation of awards and titles
      • Proclamation of law
      • Establishment or advancement of branches
Follow the instructions below, then submit your event flyer and Reeve confirmation with this form:

MEWS Event Flyer Submission Form

How to submit an event flyer to the MEWS:

      1. Before sending an event flyer to the Kingdom Chronicler, you must confirm your event with the Kingdom Reeve. Read the Guidelines for Scheduling an Official SCA Event (PDF).

The Mews WILL NOT publish an event announcement if the event has not been approved, or confirmed.

        • Save the confirmation email from the Kingdom Reeve – you will need to send the confirmation to the Kingdom Chronicler AND the Kingdom Webminister.
      1. To be considered complete (in order for official business to be carried out at an event), an event announcement must contain these 7 points:
        • Date of the event (day and month).
        • The time of the event: when the site opens and closes.
        • The name of the sponsoring group. (Example – Barony of Forgotten Sea)
        • The location (name, street address, and city) of the site. The zip code should also be included, if available.
        • The name (both Society and modern), phone and email address of the event steward (autocrat).
        • Directions to site (if applicable).
        • If there is a price being charged for the event, the registration amounts, the statement “Make checks payable to (group name)”. The non-member surcharge must also be specified in the event registration items.
            • DO NOT USE THE WORD “FEES” TO DESCRIBE THIS COST– Use the word registration. Any flyer with the word “Fee” will be rejected by the Kingdom Chronicler immediately.
            • Society has approved the following template for use on event flyers – Correct nomenclature for the costs to attend fees should be as follows: “Adult Event Registration” and “Adult Member Discount Event Registration”.



Adult – $20

Adult, Member Discount – $15

Youth 6-18 – $5

Children under 6 – free

Make checks payable to “(Group-Name)”

      1. Deadline:The Kingdom Chronicler must receive copy no later than the first day of the month prior to the month in which you want the copy printed (IE: if the flyer is to run in the January Mews it MUST be to the Chronicler no later than December 1.) The deadline does not change for Sundays or holidays. There is no “grace period” for this deadline. It is final and unnegotiable.
      2. File format:When using digital media, please send your copy in “. jpg”, “.doc”, or “.pdf ” format with a resolution of 200 ppi/dpi or better. Any unreadable format will be returned for reformatting.

The Kingdom Chronicler reserves the right to edit or adjust all submissions in order to most efficiently utilize the space available in the publication. Any submission not received in an editable format may be rejected for this reason. It is recommended that a text version of all flyers be submitted along with the fully designed flyer.

      1. Page sizes:(reduction may occur when printed) • full page – 8.5” x 11” with a 1/2” margin.
      2. Once all of the above has been verified on your event flyer – fill out the following form, attaching a copy of the Reeve event confirmation and an electronic version of your flyer here: