Kingdom A&S Championship Winner Archive

List of Past Kingdom A&S Championship Winners
Year Entrant Category Description


2018 Elaisse de Garrigues

Musical Performance, Vocal

Music Composition

Musical Performance, Meistergesang

Monicella Mi Farei —- A 16th-century Florentine carnival song written by Cosimo Bottegari.

The Development of Polyphony —- A series of musical compositions demonstrating the development of polyphony in the liturgical and art music of western Europe.

The Phoenix — An original song from the point of view of the lone survivor of a Norse raid.

2017 Vels inn Viggladi Drawing
Sgabello Design
Floral and Geometric Carving
2016 Jaida de Leon 


Cooking, Single Dish


Comparison of Syrups of Andalusia

Comparison of recipe "Eggs in Sauce"

Tiraz Bands

2015 Cionaodh na Caircce MacCograigh Beverage
Miscellaneous Science
Cooking Single Dish
An English Hard Cider
An Apple Orchard
A Comparison of French and English Apple Tarts
2014 Vels inn Viggladi Household Items/Tools
Miscellaneous, Art
Book Press
Girdle Book
Reliquary Box
2013 Marianna da fiorenza Lacemaking
Material Preperation
Reproduction of a 16th century Needle Lace Cover
Experimentation with Starch Ingredients
Experimentation with Natural Dyes
2012 Rahil al-Sirhaan Illumination
Cooking, Remove
Eastern Dance
Raqs Nameh, A Book of Persian Dance
The Festival of Nowruz
Persian Dance
2011 Nikolena Martinovna Popriadukhina Animal Husbandry
Silkworm Rearing
Silk Reeling in Medieval France
A replica of a 14th c silk spur strap, based upon a find in the Waterhouse revetment dump
2010 Sabi Constance Beverage
Material Prep
Honey Mead
Preparing of period pigments for illumination
A soft (vellum) bound book
2009 Gillian Warrender Clothing/Costuming
Knighting Garb
Leather Gloves
2008 Natalya Alekseya Vasilova Clothing/Costuming
Bright Metal
German man’s gown c. 1420
Pewter cast buttons
A series of letters, notes, and account entries from a German tailor shop
2007 Annika die Rauscherin Painting
Clothing Accessories
15th c painting
Punto in Aria Lace cuffs
Elizabethan corset
2006 Brian Mac Tomais ui Fhoghladha Footwear
Material Preparation
16th c Childrens’ shoes
Egg Temper Painting
Leather Preparation
2005 Slaine ni Chiarain Hand-sewn 14th c outfit in linen and wool
A portrait on a wood panel of Jack of Banyard
A treatise on medieval cures for infertility
2004 Bronwyn ferch Arial
2003 Rory McGowen
2002 Siobhan le Blake
2001 Cassandra di Capelletti
2000 Althea Charle
1999 Diachbha the Weaver
1998 Richard Randolph
1997 Angelo Paolo Cavell
1996 Sigtrygg Foamcarver
1995 Juliana Avenal
1994 Kazmirez Samostrelov
1993 Gwyneth Espicier
1992 Richard Barbarossa
1991 Emma de Gael
1990 Camelen Melintaur
1989 Corisander Seathwaite