Kingdom of Calontir

Lilies War Committee Page

All changes must be reported to the appropriate superior officer.

(Please be courteous and refrain from calling after 10:00p.m. unless otherwise noted.) 

Lilies War Bid Documents

Lilies War Bid Sheet (PDF)

Lilies War Bid Sheet (Excel)

Master Alan of Darkdale
Former Chair
Mistress Rebecca Beaumont
Incoming Chair
Duchess Ashland de Mumford
Fireworks Liaison
Mistress Rhianwen ferch Bran ap Gruffydd
Park Liason
Sir Malachi von Uri
Mistress Alessandra de Piro
Quartermaster Elect
Merchant Liaison
Mistress Marie le Faivre
Merchant Coordinator
Lady Antonia Stefani
Previous Event Steward
Count Aggamemnon Platypus
Current Event Steward
The OAFs
At-Large Member
Mistress Miranda Logansdottir
At-Large Member
Master Thomas of Cologne
At-Large Member
Master Magnus Anskegg
At-Large Member
Honorable Lord Ivarr Futvis
At-Large Member
Lady Cordeilla uxor Alexander
At-Large Member
Lord Brian Robert MacDougall
Advisory Member
Honorable Lady Tola Rufusdottir
Advisory Member
Mistress Roselyn of Aberdeen
Advisory Member
Mistress Meadhbh inghean ui Shuibhne
Advisory Member
Duchess Aislinn Morcroft