Cross of Calatrava

Mag Mor Baronial Investiture at Cattle Raids

Unto the kind and generous people of Calontir and Mag Mor
Come these words from Queen Magdalena and King Hirsch

As was announced in Our Court yesterday at Kingdom Arts and Sciences, We are pleased to announce the investiture of Honorable Lord Saito Takauji and Lady Lelia Corsini as the Baronage of Mag Mor.  This will be done at the upcoming Cattle Raids. 

We are so pleased with the work that Baron Vilhjálmr Hálftroll and Baroness Gyða have done keeping the Barony vibrant and active.  The happiness of the Barony is a clear sign of how well these lands have been managed.

Thank you everyone for your commentary
King Hirsch and Queen Magdalena

Peace. Love. Calontir.