Kingdom of Calontir

Message from the Earl Marshal


You don’t want to be left behind during our thunderous charge do you!

It’s only 37 DAYS until GULF WARS!
It’s a perfect time to start some workouts!  Just 30 minutes of cardio a day will GREATLY improve your stamina at Gulf!
Can’t do 30 minutes? Great! It’s a goal then!
Just start out doing as much as you can.  If it’s only 20min. that is fine. Add 1 MINUTE each day. Just 1 MINUTE!
Patrick Mahomes Scored 21 Points in just 6 minutes!  If you start now, only doing 20min of cardio a day, and adding 1 minute each day you will end up doing 57 MINUTES of Cardio a day by GULF!

Support yourself and support the army!  

This message brought to you by your family at the Calontir War Council.

Thank you,

Ritter Aiden