Minor Participants in SCA Combat-Related Activities

Minor Participants in SCA Combat-Related Activities:

No person who has not attained his or her sixteenth (16th) birthday may be authorized in armored combat or the marshalling of armored combat. No person who has not attained his or her fourteenth (14th) birthday may be authorized for any form of SCA combat-related activity.
Prior to the training of a minor in any SCA combat related activity, the parent or guardian of the minor must witness the activity, discuss it with a witnessing marshal, and execute a Parent’s Consent for SCA Combat-Related Activities. The witnessing marshal must be explicitly authorized to perform this function by the Earl Marshal of the kingdom. The consent form must be retained by the marshal of the practice session training the minor, forwarded with other documentation (including proof of membership) at the time an authorization card is the be issued, and kept on file with the kingdom authorization records. The Earl Marshal, the Principality Marshal, or a designated Deputy must bethe one to authorize the minor for SCA Combat-Related Activities. This need not be the same person as the witnessing marshal. The authorizing marshal must note on the card that parental consent is on file.

Medical Authorization for Minors:

Any minor involved in SCA combat-related activities at an event MUST have a parent or legal guardian present at the event, or be in possession of a properly-executed Medical Authorization Form for Minors designating some adult person present at he event as able to authorize medical treatment for that minor in the case of any emergency. The Board recommends that all minors who are ATTENDING an event without a parent or legal guardian have a properly-executed medical authorization for as provide above.

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