Kingdom of Calontir

New Website Feature! A&S Upcoming Competition Hub!

The Kingdom of Calontir is proud to announce the A&S Upcoming Competitions Hub! ( )

This is a new idea brought to the Web Team by several members of the Calon Arts & Sciences Community. We are happy to bring this idea to life!

How does this work?

Under Upcoming Event Competitions below, you will see a list of all of the submitted upcoming competitions, titled by the date and name of the SCA Event. You can click on the desired post, and it will open up, revealing the details of the competition.

How do I submit an upcoming competition?

Under Competition Hub WordPress Login, it will give you an option to “Log In” or “Register”. First time submitters will need to select “Register” and fill in the prompts. This gives the user the ability to use a specialized form to submit a new Upcoming Competition Post to the site admin (currently, the Kingdom Webminister) for approval. Once approved, the item will appear on the Upcoming Event Competitions List.

What is the goal of this new idea?

The goal is to provide an up-to-date section for Arts & Sciences competitions at Calontir events. This provides free advertising, doesn’t take up space on the event flyer, and is a one-stop-shop for finding out about competitions, instead of having to go hunting for them. We hope this increases the likelihood of people entering A&S competitions, inspires people, and gives people enough time ahead to prepare their entries.

To visit the new AS Upcoming Competition Hub – click here:

If you are interested in seeing what it will look like once everything is submitted and set up – check out the image: