Kingdom of Calontir

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RUSH Announcement

RUSH would like to announce that for the duration of event closures due to the current epidemic, we will be offering RUSH credit for online

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Earl Marshal Announcement

Greetings to the fighters of Calontir! I hope all our fighters in our different divisions are staying safe as we continue to progress through life

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Event Bids Needed

Lend me your ears Calontir! As long as the falcon flies, we are dauntless. Even in these unprecedented times we shall continue to prepare and

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SCA Membership Announcement

Greetings, Calontir! I have been instructed to pass along the following SCA Membership Announcement: Please click the following link to view the PDF: SCA Membership

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Kingdom Exchequer Announcement

Greetings, Calontir! The office of the exchequer is looking for two regional deputies and a Non-member registration deputy.  Please contact me if you are interested

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Webminister Announcement

Greetings Calontir! It is my great honor to announce that my time as Kingdom Webminister is winding to a close. As such, a replacement has

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