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A rank-ordered list of the Populace of Calontir by their Precedence Rank within the Kingdom.

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Cuilen Kirk

Based in:
Alternate Names: Kirk Murray
Preferred Title:
Persona Details:

Heraldry Information

Name Registered: Cuilén Kirk of Moray
Date Registered: December 2003 (via Calontir)
Blazon: Per chevron vert and Or, three dogs dormant counterchanged
Armory Registered: December 2003 (via Calontir)


Order/Award Royals Date Reason Group
Torse Torse Chrystofer Kensor & Margarette de St. Martin Sur Mer 2003-02-22 Calontir
Boga-Fyrd Boga-Fyrd Tristram of Lindesfarne & Caillin MacKenzie 2006-10-07 Calontir
Leather Mallet Leather Mallet Martino Michel Venneri & Ariel of Glastonbury Tor 2009-05-23 Brewing Calontir
Iren-Fyrd Iren-Fyrd Anton Rhaghelan & Isabeau de Beauxyeux 2008-08-01 Calontir
AOA-Simple AOA-Simple Valens of Flatrock & Susannah Griffon 1998-05-30 Service to 3 Rivers Calontir
Activity :Rattan Combat
Auth List :WSH THW SP CA

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