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Brummbar von Schwarzberg

Based in: Three Rivers
Alternate Names:
Preferred Title:
Persona Details:

Heraldry Information

Name Registered: Gunter Brummb'r von Schwarzberg(Brummbar von Schwarzberg)
Date Registered: June 1992 (via Calontir)
Blazon: Per bend azure and sable, a bend bretessed between two bears rampant argent
Armory Registered: June 1992 (via Calontir)


Order/Award Royals Date Reason Group
Viscounty Viscounty 1983-05-21 Calontir
Order of Chivalry/Master at Arms Order of Chivalry/Master at Arms 1980-10-18 the Middle
Order of the Pelican Order of the Pelican 1983-02-26 Calontir
Dragon's Heart Dragon's Heart 1980-04-26 the Middle
Thegn of Calontir Thegn of Calontir Chepe l'Orageux & Arwyn Antaradi 1984-02-18 Calontir
Iren-Hirth Iren-Hirth 1978-07-29 Calontir
Cross of Calontir Cross of Calontir 1980-04-26 Calontir
Boga-Fyrd Boga-Fyrd Thoman Shadan Secarius & Alix Coeurbois 1989-09-03 Calontir
Torse Torse Tristram of Lindesfarne & Caillin MacKenzie 2006-10-21 Calontir
AOA-Simple AOA-Simple 1976-09-25 Calontir
Queen's Endorsement of Distinction Queen's Endorsement of Distinction 1990-03-10 Calontir
Augmentation Augmentation Conn MacNeill & Sile O'Kyan 1994-07-09 Calontir
Activity :Rattan Combat
Auth List :Marshal WSH THW SP CA

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