Kingdom of Calontir

Personal Information Display Guidelines

To be in full compliance with the SCA, Inc. Society Webminister Handbook for displaying personal contact info on all recognized Calontir web sites the following requirements must be met.

For Local Seneschals

      • Since it is desirable for local seneschals to have full contact information available on the Groups and Branches page of the Calontir web site, all group seneschals will need to fill out a Electronic Publication Permission Form and send it it in either by e-mail, or print it, then via snail mail or turned in to the Webminister at an event.

      • Only the information you provide will be listed.

      • All Calontir kingdom officers (except local seneschals) who have contact info listed in the front or back pages of the Mews have an office related e-mail which at least forwards e-mail to your personal account.

      • If you desire to change the e-mail forwarder or add new ones, contact Allison of Forgotten Sea (

      • You will lose access to this Gmail address when you leave your office.

What this Means for Local Webministers and Great Officer and Calontir Organization Web sites

      • You must comply with these rules too.

      • You will need a permission form similar to the one at Permissions Form, specific for your top level URL for every person you display a Modern Name, Home Address, Phone number (home, cell etc.) or personal e-mail address.

      • Permissions are not needed for office related e-mail addresses specific to your domain; i.e. is good, but is not.

      • addresses for a specific office are OK, but only for that office; i.e. could be listed on the Mag Mor Web site as the contact for the Baron, but not for the Marshal, even if they were the same person.

      • All of the contacts on Great Officer sites should have e-mail addresses

      • e-mail addresses will not be available for local offices.

      • You will need to be responsible for keeping and being able to produce these permissions if requested to do so.

Event Flyers and Online Newsletters

      • The same rules apply to all online event flyers and online newsletters – including all back issues.

      • No new newsletter or event flyer should be linked without compliance.

      • Additional time will be allowed to bring old newsletters into compliance.

      • There are also separate issues with permission to publish article from the newsletter, please talk your local chronicler if you have any questions.

      • You will be required to get posting permission for any event staff listed on an event flyer before you post it.