Cross of Calatrava

Their Royal Majesties

Duncan Bruce of Logan and Ylva Jonsdottir

The Royal Household

Emeline de Moulineaux

Head of Household
Alessandra de Piro

Royal Herald
Johann Steinarsson

Royal Scribe
Helena Soranzo

Royal Thegns
Volkmar Katzbalger
Brialen Ulfsdottir Vikings

Largesse Coordinator
Gwen A'Brooke

The Royal Champions

King’s Champion
Gawayne ap Tristam

Queen’s Champion
Ayisha bint Asad

Captain of the Guard
Nathaniel Lennox

Royal Whims

  1. If Their Majesties have been informed that Feast is prepared and ready, do not delay the serving of Feast waiting for their presence.

  2. if one is called into Court as part of a group, and you need to stand rather than kneel or sit, Their Majesties would ask that you move to one side, so that Their Majesties and the sight lines from the Populace are not impeded.

  3. It is Their Majesties’ desire that all things said unto them in Court, which are not meant to be secret, be clearly heard by all those present. When called into the presence of the Konung and Drottning to make a presentation, they ask that you turn your side towards them and speak so that the Populace may clearly hear your words.

  4. Their Majesties would have it stated, for the record, that any Persona year with four digits, be considered to be Late Period.

Royal Edicts

His Royal Majesty

First century Calontiri. He was squired to Count Roderick of Mandrake Hill, and attempts to keep his memory alive through greatsword fighting.
He is willing to try his hand at just about anything, but is definitely neither an artist nor an artisan. He is a pretty good patron though.

He is terrible at keeping track of time, so needs to be reminded of appointments frequently, and wants to be on time. Reminders are NOT nagging.

Likes & Dislikes


Likes to try new things and SCA period dishes.

Prefers to avoid mushrooms, but can pick out big chunks. Raw tomatoes are not finished, and therefore not eaten.


Coffee in the morning is a Good Thing(tm) (which is why I had a coffee squire). Water is always appreciated.

Alcohol is never required, but he is willing to try most things. He does not like sours or really hoppy beers, and absolutely will not drink something if he is not told what it is.

Colors & Symbols

“Gules, a mallet within a two-headed serpent in orle, heads at either end and respectant Or and for augmentation on a chief purpure issuant from the line of division a demi-cross of Calatrava throughout Or”


Red, Gold


Hammer, Double-headed snake

Her Royal Majesty

First generation born to Norwegian parents on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland around 850 (modern era).

Very much likes to be punctual.

Is hearing challenged, so make sure you have her attention before speaking to her. Whispering is not likely to be productive. If she is using her phone, it is probably because she is changing the settings on her hearing aids.

Likes & Dislikes


Likes to try new things and SCA period dishes. 

Does not care for spicy hot foods.  Tends to be skeptical about okra.


Morning – coffee, Daytime -water or tea ( iced, hot, regular & herbal)Does not generally like sekanjebin.

Alcohol – never required.  Appreciates mead, medium sweet wines, gin & tonic.

Colors & Symbols

“Azure, a pair of shears within a two-headed serpent in orle heads at either end and respectant argent.”


Blue, White


Shears, double-headed snake, red-winged blackbird