Cross of Calatrava

Seafood Edict for Lilies War

Unto the people of the Known World who will be journeying to Lilies War, comes this missive from Queen Magdalena,

I hope your preparations are going well, and look forward to seeing you at The War of the Lilies!

His Majesty and I have an edict that prohibits seafood or fish at events.  Lilies is not exempt from this edict. However, no one will be policing your cooler, or checking your camp. 

Allow me to explain the reason for this edict, and then We would please ask you to use your best judgment, and courteous behavior.

I have a pretty severe seafood allergy. It is both a food allergy and an airborne allergy.

 If I eat even small amounts of fish or seafood (including, but not limited to, worcestershire sauce and caesar dressing), I get hives, scratchy eyes, and inflamed airways. It’s that last bit that is most concerning.

The airborne aspect of this allergy is the sneaky part, and is why we ask that seafood and fish not be present at events. Fish being cooked in my presence will trigger an anaphylactic reaction. Anaphylaxis includes airway restriction and sharp decrease in blood pressure (which is why it is often called anaphylactic shock). Not breathing really sucks. The decrease in blood pressure means fatigue, or even loss of consciousness. 

But, it is not just cooking seafood that can get me. The smell of seafood will lead to a reaction, albeit less severe. Talking to someone who has eaten seafood, and inhaling their exhalations can lead to a reaction. These reactions are not, so far, life threatening. But, the sore throat, runny nose, burning eyes are unpleasant. 

As Queen, I do not always have the option of simply leaving an event, as I do when I am not the queen. Additionally, a common side effect of being exposed to seafood is laryngitis. In any situation, this is annoying. But as Queen, it is pretty problematic.

Yes, I have rescue medication. They all have side effects, and none is a perfect cure. Benadryl makes me sleepy. My rescue inhaler makes my heart race. My epi-pen comes with a ride in an ambulance (no exceptions).

I hope you will read this and understand that I am not being precious. I am not trying to inflict my personal distaste for something on others. This is a real health issue for me. 

Thank you. 

Peace. Love. Calontir.

Queen Magdalena